Terms & Conditions

Sculpture Care


The sculptures will arrive in perfect condition, waxed and polished.  For indoor and outdoor use it is advised that the work is regularly protected with beeswax polish. We supply a care plan with the sculpture which includes a tin of polish. Occasionally the mirror finish on the ‘hot-cast’ bronze can dull.  Using a chrome polish will restore it’s brightness beautifully. Wax will then need to be applied to protect the finish.  Inevitably bronze will eventually turn a natural verdigris colour due to the oxidisation process – even if the work is exhibited indoors. To slow this process down regular waxing really helps.



Sculptures are made to order. Time of delivery is subject to the demands on the foundry. Normally we aim to provide hot bronze castings within 6 weeks. We also aim to deliver bronze resin editions within 6 weeks.

We will always  telephone or email you to keep you informed of the timing and delivery arrangements.


 Payment for sculptures can be made by cheque; payable to ‘Robert James Workshop Ltd’ or by using the BACS online payment system. When using a debit card your details will be recorded securely.


We hope that your sculpture brings you lasting enjoyment.